May 14, 2008

New pets

Even though I am not yet with my Hon right now but we always let us feel that we're always together. We update each other for whatever is happening in our lives everyday. And just last week, my Hon and his sister brought two cute kittens at home to accompany Pearl who had been lonely ever since Tigr passed away last September of 2007. Though Pearl would not enjoy yet the company of these kittens because they are still cute and Pearl is such a big cat, but at least, she will have someone like her (cat, of course!) inside the house.

This is Cream with my Hon. They named her Cream because his color is Cream and wait until you know what the other kitty's name. They are matched together.

Now, this is Cookie. She was named Cookie because her color is like an Oreo cookie. I told you, they are matched together. I think it was Yvonne's (my Hon's sister) idea to come up with those names.

They're actually brothers and sisters and Yvonne had them from a friend of her for free.

But how could I ever forget about Pearl. Though she shouldn't be here cause the title says "new pets" (she's not their new pet :-P). I love her so much even though I haven't seen her yet in real but I hope she knows that. She's the one who keeps my Hon company because I'm not in his arms yet now.

So, they are my Hon and Yvonne's cat. I am so excited to meet them in real and let Dion play with them because Dion loves cats so much though we don't have our own cat here.


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