May 21, 2008

New Template of my other Blog, CREATIONS

It brought tears to my eyes after I was done with the template of my other blog Creations because it is the template that I always wanted to have. Now that I have achieved it (finally!), I would like to think of another template that I would want to achieve again.

I am very much crazy about blog templates ever since I started blogging. I always admire those personalized template. That is why I am teaching myself about HTML/XML/XHTML and Photoshop because they are the most important thing on making templates.

I would like to give credits to the sites where I learned about the things I used for achieving my template.

w3schools -- HTML/XML/XHTML
Photoshop Tips and Tricks -- I learned how to make my header from them
Free Digital Scrapbooking -- paper I used for the background
Translucent -- the only place where I found the see-though background

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