May 18, 2008

Proud Member of Bisdak Planet

I met Gigi from WOF forum then we ex-links. I also saw her other blogs and one of them is her husband's, Blog Heaven that was designed by Carlota of Web-Blog Designs. From Web-Blog Designs site, I saw the link Bisdak Planet so I went there and was little bit surprised to see lots of Bisdak(short for Bisayang dako) bloggers there. So, as a proud bisdak myself, I signed up because it was my pleasure to be a member there. I signed up last Friday. Then just today, they made a post for acknowledging their new members and one of them is ME together with Ely from Bohol, JoySeth from USA, Jackie from Zamboanga, Janese from France, and Lei-lei from Zamboanga. I appreciate it so much.

I also met lots of new friends from Bisdak Planet which is very nice. This is one of reason why I enjoy blogging so much, to be able to meet people around the world and most of them are Filipinos like me and we can keep in touch with them.

Thanks Bisdak Planet for the warm welcome and keep doing the good deeds. I SALUTE YOU! :-)

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  1. wow- this is nice. Thanks posting ani dae Jona. Hope to you more at bisdakplanet.