May 17, 2008

Baby's Captured Moments

Finally, after almost a year, I have updated my Multiply account. But I changed it to where it is only a captured moments of my baby Dion. I uploaded more pictures of him and I added videos of him too.

Nowadays, it seems that photo albums are becoming useless because it exists now on the Internet and due to people's busy life now, they do most of the things on the Internet like shopping, doing business, communicating with loved ones and etc. And this Multiply account site is a substitute of a photo album. Well, before it is only about photos (that was the last time I visited it), but now you can create a blog there too. So it's like a complete page now. But of course, I will still stick to blogger for my blog because I got used to it now and I had lots of things on here now.

Anyway, if you want to see the Captured Moments of my Son, you can find the link on the Noteworthy section of this blog. I will do my best to update it everytimme I'll have new pictures of my baby.

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