May 1, 2008


Sounds weird? Yes it is!

Obviously, it's not a sandwich though it may sound like one. It is something that my "smart" son did because he doesn't know any better as what his Dad would always say whenever he does unpleasant things.

I didn't got angry with my son when he did it, I was even amused and decided to take a picture of it and post it here. Anyway, here is the picture of the PEANUT-BUTTER-FILLED-NAILCUTTER:

Well, for me it looks cute!(lol).

Dion (my son) was eating peanut butter at the dining table while I am at the living room cutting my nails when suddenly he grabbed the nail cutter and went back to the dining table. He was still enjoying eating the peanut butter but I only realized after a few minutes that he was not using the spoon but the nail cutter. When he realized that I saw what he's doing, he went down from the table and pretended nothing happened. That's when I took a picture of it but I didn't show him that I was amused by what he did or he'd do it again. Of course, I told him it's not a nice thing to do and I hope he'd not do it again. Well, so far he's not doing it again yet.

Don't eat a peanut-butter-filled-nailcutter(lol).

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