May 28, 2008

Can never get satisfaction with the background

As you have observed, I have a new template again and maybe some of my blogger friends would think that they're hopping in a new site. lol! Yeah, I've changed my template again. As what I have mentioned on my previous post, Changing my site's background again, that I will be playing around with my blog's HTML. I also love using the Photoshop and I am still in the stage of exploring it. I find it interesting and a fun thing to do. If the time would come that I will be tired doing it, I would probably ask some of my blogger friends who are specializing in making fantastic templates to give mine a make-over, because they're very good at it. By the way, if you are interested in having your blog a make-over, check Carlota's Web-Blog Designs and Designs by Vhiel. I really admire their work.

What inspired me to do this template is the Photoshop's Special Effect brushes, like the butterflies in my header. Yeah, I just started making my header then I decided to change the whole template. hehehehe.

So, here it is, my plain and simple template, still with a touch of pink.


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