May 31, 2008

Last Day of May

A few minutes from now, the month of May would end. I am saying this because lots of things happened to me this Month and just yesterday was one of the best. May would be my last complete month here in the Philippines for now for I'll be joining the love of my life in his place. That means that I'll be starting a new WONDERFUL life with him and with our son.

So far, I have the most number of posts in May too. So you see, lots of new things had come to me this month.

I'm happy but sad now. Happy because 9 days from now, I'll be in my Honey's arms again and would be inseparable then ::grin:: and I know that from that day, I will have a new life, hopefully the life that I am dreaming of because I would be in a new place, be around with new people, having a new lifestyle, and just everything would be new and I know that for some time, I will have a little hard time to adjust but I know too that my Honey would help me with that.

Sad because I am leaving the life that I am used to, most especially to be apart from my parents. Right now I am really hurting because I am thinking about the day that we'll leave this house, for sure, it would be a few years before we can see this house again. This is my first to be far from my parents, especially my Mom and it hurts so much. I know she's hurting too. But this is the life that I've chosen and she let me chose it.

Oh my, May, bye-bye to you. The next time I'll be with you is I'll be in a different place with a new different life but I hope another best thing would happen by that time still.



  1. All the best to you. Life here in America is a big challenge, it's not all the time a bed of roses contrary to what others think...but hey look at us here, we're blogging and enjoying it. *wink


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  2. hello mommy jona! i hope we can still meet up. God bless in your new place.

  3. good luck and take care! :)

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