May 28, 2008

Cleaning up my page

I am trying to clean up my page and I believe I have done a quite a few things here now.

First is I changed my template to something clean and simple from a neon color one which I realize not friendly to my readers eyes at all. I just hope that I won't be changing my template again though I really can't say so. Let's just see after a few days(lol)

Second is I tried to arrange my Blog Roll alphabetically by names because I don't just wanted to blog, but I also want to earn friends here and putting their names instead of the title of their blogs make be easy for me to remember them. Though I was not able to find out some of the names on my Blog Roll because they didn't put their names on their blog itself. So, if ever anyone here would check my Blog Roll and you are listed by the title of your Blog, please let me know by dropping a line here so that I can be able to change it. Thanks in advance.

I will be on leave for a few days(I hope) for some personal reason. I will surely miss blogging so much and I hope I can get back to doing this soon.


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