May 2, 2008

When Love Begins

WHEN LOVE BEGINS is a Philippine movie starring Aga Muhlach and Anne Curtis that tells about some conflicts in a relationship. It is currently in Cinemas nationwide started April 30, 2008.

Michelle (Anne Curtis) is daughter of Christopher de Leon, who is known to be a real state developer. While Ben (Aga Muhlach) is a lawyer who is also an environmentalist. And the conflict of their relationship started when Ben commit himself to a case to fight against the damage of the environment that would be caused by building a subdivision on a certain place where Michelle's father had invested a great fortune on it. In the end, Ben won the case which devastated Michelle's father and made them decide to leave for US. Before parting ways, Ben and Michelle admitted the true feelings they felt for each other and promise to find each other and would never let go again.

The story ends at the same place where they met for the first time, Boracay.

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