May 24, 2008

Controversial Video of Marian Rivera on YouTube

To those who doesn't know who Marian Rivera is, you may check her on her profile on this site, just click on the link: -- Marian Rivera.

Just about a month ago, during the shooting of Marian's teleserye, Dyesebel in Subic, someone that is not part of the staff is taking video which is known to be illegal and that was the reason why Marian got irritated with that person. But what triggered Marian to explode like what is shown on the following video is when the guy said some unpleasant words to her sarcastically such as "Di naman ikay bini-videohan ko ah" (I'm not taking a video of you).

Here's the controversial video of Marian Rivera:

But there is a different version of it where it was shown that someone slap on the guy which is not Marian. It was kinda edited, but I can't find the video on YouTube.

I'm not really a fan of Marian but I like her as an actress. In fairness, she's a good actress, if not, she would not be given the chance to play big roles such as Dyesebel and MariMar but I don't like the way people judge her because of that unexplained video. When I saw Marian today on TV, trying to defend herself from the said controversy, I believe her with what she said. Even a normal person would react the way she did if you'd be answered sarcastically and I don't think Marian, as a known actress, would do something like that. She may or may not have a good attitude behind the camera but I think she knows how to hide it because she's popular and she's aware that everyone's watching her whatever she does. So, why would make a scene like that for no good reason? For popularity? No way! She's very popular even without this controversial video.

To Marian Rivera (if ever you can read this which I think not. hehe): Be yourself girl.. I like your being "palaban".

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