May 10, 2008

Things to do

It's been awhile since I got a tag from Jean Marie, and now got a new one from her. By the way, she's my most frequent tagger. Thanks ya! :-)

My To-do things:

1. check opps...
2. view PTC accounts ...
3. go to sleep ...
4. give baby a bath ...
5. go to Church ...

Busy People:
1.)my chopsuey 2.)mind bubbles 3.)vanity kit 4.)something purple 5.)a detour 6.)Confessions of A Supermodel Wannabe 7.)when silence speaks 8.)hailey's domain 9.)hailey's beats and bits 10.)airsick 11.)avee's adventures 12.)never ending stories 13.)essay of life 14.)tasteful voyage 15.)a mom's note 16.)jean marie's world 17.)beauty of life 18.)You're next here

Now, it's gladys's, shannon's, portia's, and kerslyn's turn to share... :-)


  1. thanks for the tag. i have posted it.

  2. hi Jona, done the tag.sorry it kept me too happy it is done now!thanks a lot for it,much appreciated!