May 4, 2008

Pride of Pinoys

If you happen to watch the news nowadays, there are lots about all the Filipinos or some are just having a little blood of Pinoy who have been showcasing their talents all over the world and one of this talented Pinoys is Charice Pempengco.

Charice is a 16 year old talented girl who was first seen on TV when she joined Little Big Star singing contest in 2005 which was hosted by Sarah Geronimo. Though she only won the 3rd place, it doesn't stopped her from shining unexpectedly.

She attracted attention when the FalseVideo channel of YouTube posted her video where she sang "I Will Always Love you" by Whitney Houston but the viewers didn't believe that it was really her voice since it seems to be perfectly copied from the original song. But a record company from Sweden got interested with her so they asked her to record 7 songs including 4 cover songs to be released in Sweden. Then after a few months, a talent show in Seoul Korea called Star King invited her in October 13, 2007 when another video posted by FalseVideo in YouTube of her singing the DreamGirls anthem "And I Am Telling You Not Going". After this exposure, Charice had been a guest in more shows all the around the world like The Ellen DeGeneres Show on December 19, 2007 where she made the audience cry, even Ellen as well and received a standing ovation. She also guested on Paul O'Grady Show in London just this April. And one of the most awaited is to be shown this 12th of May her guesting in The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Though there are still Pinoys who criticize Charice. I guess it is just one of the shameful mentality of some Pinoy who instead of supporting their own kababayan, they will give a bad comment which of course won't do any good to any one. But Charice is, indeed, a TRUE PRIDE OF FILIPINOS for having such a WORLD CLASS TALENT and being proud to be A PINOY.

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