May 21, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking Tip for Easy Navigation

While working on my digi-scrapping, I made lots of experimenting and one thing I notice and wants to share with you now is how to make the navigation through your files easy.

When I first started digi-scrapping, I have all my pictures saved on My Picture folder and my digiscrap materials are in one folder saved on my desktop. But I realized that it can be a waste of time going to Desktop then My Pictures folder. To minimize your time in making your digiscrap (aside from decorating it because I am taking too much of my time changing the decoration from time to time *wink*), here are some tips that I suggest:

Make up your mind. Before you start digi-scrapping, think first about the theme that you want to apply on your page. For example, if you want it to be floral, hearty, in the beach or summer look, girly, or whatever that comes into your mind. Having a theme would help you decide what materials you need to use, starting with the papers then the decorations.

Put them all in one place. Just like making a scrapbook manually, you need to group all things that should come together. In digi-scrapping, since we are working on the computer (obviously *grin*), we need to create a folder for each group. For example, if I make a scrapbook for my baby boy, I would create a folder with a folder name of scrap_bbboy, then inside that create sub-folders for the pictures(if you're using multiple pictures in one page), the papers (the main background and papers that you need to cut-out for decorations), frames, embellishments, and letters.

Lastly, open the folder that you created so that it would appear on your task bar and minimize the window, then open your Photo editing program such as Photoshop or Corel. Start making your digiscrap by opening the folder (you made) then click the material you want to use, drag it, and drop it in the Photo editing program working area.

That works for me for easy navigation rather than having all the materials needed in separate folders then open them from the Photo editing program by clicking on File > Open > Browse each time you want to add something in your working area. You can save time and won't lose track of what you're doing.

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