Jun 2, 2008

PMC's Weekly Fest WEEK 1 Entries

Pinay Mommies Community(PMC) is an online community of Filipina Mommies, you may or may not be residing in the Philippines eversince, as long as you have a Filipina blood, or you may or may not be a Mommy yet as long as you have the heart of a Mommy, then you are welcome to this Community.

As one of the things we are doing in PMC is to share and to have fun. Every week, we have a Weekly Fest which is every week there is a different theme. Then to make it more challenging, at each end of the week, a winner would be announce and to be judged by the PMC's moderators. On our 1st Weekly Fest, surprisingly, I was the winner and of course, I wanna thank the PMC for trusting me and for the awards out of it's generosity.

The theme for the 1st WEEKLY Fest is FAVORITE FOOD and here are the entries of the Mommies who joined the activity.

Disclaimer: Make you that you've already eaten before opening the following links for the foods that they served are all YUMMY!!!!!!

Mommy Janet
Spaghetti Bolognese
Mommy Aeirin
Homemade Pepperoni Pizza
Mango and Melon (cantaloupe) fruit shake
Blueberry Creamy Chilled Cheesecake
Mommy Jerla
Pancit Bihon (her style)
Mommy Mitch
Pudding Ala Leche
Mommy Jona (that's me)
My Very Own Pancit Palabok
Mommy Zriz
Bossing's Balbacua
Ispageti Ala Mayang
Mommy Reflexes
Pork Dumplings (Siomai)
Mommy Gles
Bistek Tagalog
Mommy Aisha
Goulash (Steven Style)
Mommy Gen
Apple Sauce Nut Bread
MommY Maybel
Thai Red Curry Chicken
Mommy Ruby
Mommy Cara
GT's Famous Tuna Fettuccine
Mommy Lalaine
Thai Stid Fried Crab Curry
Mommy Nina
Chicken Ala Creme
Brown Pinay
Brown Pinay's Baked Macaroni

Certified Mommies!!!



  1. thanks sa post...

  2. Thanks Mommy Jona for this post...and Congratulations!

    Mommy Reflexes is Mommmy RoseLLe :)