Jun 19, 2008

My son's bestfriend

My son has found his new bestfriend here now. It's not another kid though but a kitty.

Cookie is my son's new bestfriend, but I am not sure if Cookie consider him as his bestfriend. hehe. We actually have three cats here: Pearl (the biggest, old, and white one), Cream (sister of Cookie and not too friendly one), and Cookie (everything's alright as long as no one pulls my tail).

Among those three cats, Cookie is the only one that Abi can catch coz he doesn't run away from Abi unlike the other two cats. Abi drags him anywhere, pull his back and his arms, sometimes his tail which Cookie doesn't really like.

Abi always loves cats eventhough we don't have one before but everytime he sees a cat, he gets very excited. He don't mean to hurt any cat and he's trying his best just to pet them but he always gets very excited afterwards that he just wanted to hold them tight and carry them so that they're always with him.


  1. LOL! The top first picture is funny. Poor kitty... hahaha

    Jona, I have a tag for you. I hope you will get a chance.
    Here is the link

  2. Haha! Very cute! :) Your son really likes the cat!