Jun 30, 2008

The Cats

I just want to share with you the cats that we have here. They are so lovely and friendly. Of course, one of them is Cookie, Abi's (my son) bestfriend.

From the top are Midnight and Whiskers. Midnight is the one that is a pure balck while Whiskers is the one that has white whiskers, neck/breast, and back paws. Then we have Pearl, the pure white one. I was hoping to get a picture of Pearl and Midnight but they don't live in the same house. Then there is Cookie, Abi's best buddy. The most insensitive cat I have ever known. Insensitive coz it seems that he doesn't care for whatever do to him which is good coz Abi enjoys it so much.

I feel bad coz Cream is not included in the picture. Her color is cream that's why she's named cream. She's sister of Cookie. She always run and hide everytime Abi is around, so I can't catch a picture of her. Maybe, someday.


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