Jul 3, 2008

Make-up Artist, My Son?! (Uh-oh!)

I hope not but when I saw my son with my make-up on him, I was a little bit terrified. Though I don't have anything against the gays but I don't want my son to become a gay, but if he will (I really hope not), I would still accept him as my son(or daughter?!? yikes!). But yes he was putting a blush on himself while I am busy and doing something on the computer. I didn't realize what he was doing until I saw my blush on in his hands and putting it on his cheeks. He looked funny and cute but the first that cross my mind was my son could be gay.

After this incident, I talked to my fiance about it and told him that they should bond together, just them alone, one of these days coz Abi had seem to be imitating everything that I am doing which is not good coz I am not a guy like him and I don't want to influence him with my lady acts or anything like that. My fiance said that he thinks it is normal for our son's age to imitate everyone, especially me coz I am always the one he's with and our son is in the stage of exploring everything but he promised me that he would not let our son to be turned into a gay, which gave me a relief.


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  1. Oi friend, don't worry about this. My son used to wear my shoes LOL It was a long time ago. Now he's into sports and yes, karate. LOL