Jul 11, 2008

Best Crime Film

Last night, we bought a DVD of the film Wild Things. It starred Neve Campbell, Denise Richards, Matt Dillon, and Kevin Bacon.
A crime film that would really play into your brain and squeeze it in solving the mysterious crime.

My fiance pick it up from the shelves while we're doing our grocery shopping and insisted that we should really watch it coz he knows that I will surely like it. So, we watched it. While watching the movie, I got really thrilled by how the story runs. It is about a sex crime and what remains mysterious in the whole movie was who is the real suspect. Mind you, if you watch this movie for the first time, don't guess coz you can never guess, trust me! hehe. But I like it so much and I recommend it to everybody who hadn't watch it yet. You'll like it too.


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