Jul 10, 2008

Work Of Art

Does the title fits the picture? Well, it does for my son. I think that's his "work of art", though he doesn't know yet what that means. hehe.

His grandma gave him sets of crayolas, drawing and coloring books. He likes to color and write on his books at first but find it boring in later time so decided to color anything other than the books he has, so he decided to color the oven and dishwater (maybe he found white is a boring color so time to make it colorful). He also saw me and his Aunt Yvonne putting make-up which like putting color on our faces, so he decided to put color on his face too.

Well, he's still 21-month old, so I think it's understandable that he doesn't know any better yet. I am not sure if what I am feeling is right, but I am amused seeing him color, even if it means having our whole house as a canvass (yikes!).


  1. i think you have an artist in the making.....

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