Jul 26, 2008

Finding the MAN OF MY DREAMS

Was it hard? For me, I think it was coz I am a strong believer of "she who seeks for him shall find him". I searched for him on my own until I found him. It was hard coz while I was searching for him, I met few man which I had mistakenly thought as the one that I am looking for, but they came in and out of my life and hurt me badly. But the good thing about having few wrong men before having the right one is that you become strong and tough enough to face all the struggles that may still come your way. I am thankful to have those wrong men in my life coz they made me realize what true love is, it is never about physical and material things in life, but it's about emotional and the most important is SPIRITUAL coz above all, GOD was the one who brought you both together and gave you each other as blessings.

I found my man through the Internet. Now a days, it's not unusual coz I have met lots of people who found the love of their lives through the Internet. Thanks to everyone who contributed the invention of computers and Internet. As I have mentioned earlier, I was searching, so I met lots of man and communicated with them the same way I communicated with my husband(now). I met Andy though Just Say Hi dating website around February 2007. But among those men, Andy(my husband) was the one who proposed marriage first after a couple of months of exchanging very long emails containing updates about our everyday lives and getting to know each other. Though I turned him down the first time but he never felt bad about it coz he knows that he did it too soon and it kinda scared me. We were still communicating, but more intimate after that proposal. Just then I realize that I am falling in love with him and never wanted to let go of him anymore. So, we got engaged on June 6, 2007.

Then he went to the Philippines to meet me in person and meet my friends and relatives too. He arrived in Cagayan de Oro City where I was residing that time due to work on September 12, 2007 and we proved to each other that what we felt all through out the time we spend on the Internet was true, we are indeed madly in love with each other.

We then process mine and my son's visa for us to be able to join Andy and start our new lives and build our dreams together. After a seem to be never-ending process, we received our visas on May 30, 2008 and arrived at our new home on June 11, 2008.

Being in a totally new place away from my friends and family was never easy but I still enjoyed every moment of it spending it with Andy and my son alone. I also met new friends from the church who were always there for us to help and support us with whatever we needed and Andy's family who always made me feel that I am already part of the family.

Finally, last July 20, 2008 I am then MRS. ANDY KUHN and I felt so blessed of having Andy in my life. We share our dreams and plans in the future together. He never let me down and I will do the same for him. I am always thankful that I found him coz he is always the man of my dreams. Someone who treats me right, very right that you can never ask for more. Someone who makes me feel beautiful with his stares, someone who makes me feel secure with his touches, and someone who makes me feel loved with all of his actions. He is everything every single woman dreamed to have and I know that I am more than lucky to find him. It would maybe wrong to say that he is perfect coz no one is perfect but I am certain he is the next thing to perfect.

>>>> Honey, you know that I love you and I always will, beyond death and beyond eternity, I will always be the person whom you've known from the very first day God has let our paths cross. I love you so much and nothing and no one can ever change that. <<<<

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  1. Congratulations on "finding the man of your dreams!" :-)

    Thanks for stopping over at our site and voting! Good Luck!

  2. wow! parang pang pocket book ang story. Very nice! congrats