Jul 16, 2008

Abi's a Big Boy now

It is really hard to put Abi to sleep. Back in the Philippines, he is used to having someone beside him when he sleeps, my parents which would be his grandparents are beside him every night. Now, since we live in the US, they don’t let their children sleep with them in the same bed or even in the same room. Since we know that it would be hard for Abi to put him in a separate room, we just had a crib for him. We used a crib coz since he is not used to sleeping himself, he may roll over and fall off from the bed.

The other night, I decided to remove front side rail of his crib coz I wanted him to learn on climbing up his bed alone. Then, when it was bed time, as usual he asked for milk, which means that he is sleepy. His Dad put his bottled milk on his bed, he got it and drink it on his bed until he fell asleep. Though we were expecting that to happen but we’re still very surprised and HAPPY that finally, he slept on his own and on his own bed. This may sound silly, but me and Andy went out from the room and DANCED for joy. LOL


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