Jul 23, 2008

What a wonderful world

Hi to everyone who visits my blog! I am very happy today, happier than my normal days and just last Sunday, I know I am the most happiest person in the whole world coz it was my WEDDING DAY. I am very happy and blessed to marry a man that is perfectly for me. A man that I know that God has given to me to love me and I would love in return. He is everything I wanted and I could not ask for more.

Then, of course, after the wedding, the honeymoon followed. We went to San Antonio, TX and stayed for 3 nights there right after the wedding. We actually traveled with my gown and his suit on and of course, the traditional polish on the car saying "Just Married".

That is the reason why it took me long to update my blog. To know more about our love story, you can check on our website, Love in Distance. Of course, I will be posting here some things that happened during those special event that has happened in my life.

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