Jul 29, 2008

Such a whiner


I am talking about Pearl, the white cat in the house, the one who's on the above pictures. She is such a whiner. Those pictures are taken yesterday while I was in the computer and she wanted attention again. She whined and grabbed for hands so that I can pet her. She whines a lot as if nobody has given her attention while each time she wants attention, we give her that attention. But actually, as what I have observed, Pearl doesn't whine as much as she used too when I was not hear and Andy would just tell me about her. I really can hear her on the phone whining while Andy's talking to me. Before I came here, I was thinking that me and Pearl can't be friends coz she might get jealous of me coz I'll be having Andy's attention most of the time. But I guess I was wrong, Pearl was happy that I am here coz she can get more attention from me now. That's why every chance she gets and that is when Abi is not around or he's asleep, she would go to me and whine as much as she can.


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