Jul 8, 2008

5 Best (for me) Solo Picture

It has been a while since I haven't joined the PMC's Weekly Fest because I have been too busy and just didn't have the time to do the things that I usually do on the Internet. I am glad that Mommy Ruby doesn't fail to send me and all the other PMC members the updates about wonderful community.

Anyway, for this week's , we need to make a post displaying our 5 Best Solo Picture and here is my entry.

Thanks to PMC and The Nambiars.



  1. lovely smile....pretty mommy :)

    Collect and Connect

  2. i was here the other day but wasn't able to leave a comment.

    back again today, obviously.

    great shots of you, mommy jona. and thanks for signing in my linky.

  3. Ganda ng mga solo pics mo. :) Glad I could visit your blog.

  4. wow guapa gyd mommy ba...

    may pacontes din ako sa other blog ko visit and find how to enter Click me