Jul 29, 2008

My husband about 25 years ago

While me and Andy was browsing their family albums last sunday, I found this picture of him that amused me so much because of his smile (his trademark smile) and his hair. This is his picture about 25 years ago. See how cute he is...hehehehe. I used to tell him that he's really cute when he was just a kid and a teen ager and he would poke me everytime I'll say that. I don't know if he thinks that he is still cute until now or he thinks that he was never cute. Hmmm .. I will ask him about that later. hehehe.

Anyway, when I saw this picture and all of his other picture when he was younger, I imagine myself that when we met when he was at this age, I would still fall in love with him.. He is always a cutie to me though until now. hehehe. Actually, he would always be the most handsome man in my life because he is my husband and I am very proud of that.


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