Jun 3, 2008

A Tribute to Mamang

Another week for PMC's WEEKLY Fest and for this week, our theme is PHOTO SHOOT!! - MOTHERHOOD. This time MOMEMO will be giving out freebies to the participants and again winners will be receiving prizes. And here is my entry

It's my mother and I call her "Mamang".
These are random pictures of my mom with my son.

Me and my mom are bestfriends in a way that there are lots of things that we both love and of course, we love each other so much. But honestly, I considered her as my enemy until I gave birth to my son.

She was my enemy because there are things that she won't let me do or have even though I love doing or having it so much. I am really "pasaway". I guess most of us do, right?(grin)

Anyway, whenever she stopped me from doing what I want, I always hate her and I would jump into conclusion that she doesn't love at all.

But everything changed when I became mother myself. I was a single Mom and I can't imagine myself living that life without my parents, especially my mom. When I first knew that I was pregnant, I didn't tell my mom thinking that she will hate me for it but she knew it even before I told her. She never hated me for what happened and despite of it all, she loved me more and supported me all through out.

Now, I know why she doesn't let me do those things because she loves me. I now understand that loving doesn't mean giving away anything you want but giving you anything you need. And Mamang ... she gave me anything more than what I need but I surely deserved.



  1. Nice pic with touchy story..

  2. hi jona,

    congratulations for having the best post for pmc weekly fest - motherhood. i missed this week's fest. will surely join the next one.