Jun 7, 2008

Our Papang, Our Hero

Dear Papang,

I know you will not believe what I am about to say, but please trust me when I say this because though I rarely say this but it always comes from the bottom of my heart.

I am very proud to have you as a father. We may not be the best buds and I may have not treated you the way you wanted me, but I hope that you realized that every smile, laughter, and jokes that we share, it feels like heaven to me. I always wanted to laugh with you but I know that you're too busy to do so. I may be wrong or right about this but I can see in your eyes that you love it when you're making me smile and I feel the same when I am making you smile or laugh when I share to you the funny experiences I had.

We have been through lots of trials in our family and I admit that I hurt you so much in so many ways, but it was you who taught me to be strong and always fight for what I believed in, sad to say, I used it to stand on what I believe against you. I felt really bad and sorry about that and I know that you have always forgiven me for whatever bad things I did to you.

You may not be a good person to everyone else but know that for me, you're always the BEST FATHER. You never failed on doing your part as a father. I know you always wanted to hear this from me and I am sorry, I am not that vocal (I also got it from you), but no matter what happen, no matter what they say, I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU PAPANG and you will always be the father that I would seek whenever someone done bad to me. You may not be aware of it, but you are always MY HERO, not just to me, but to your GRANDCHILDREN as well.

Your grandchildren: Epay, Lolong, and Abi, though they may be miles away from you, but they will always remember your love for them for all their lives, that is a proof, you are always be the BEST FATHER to me and GRANDFATHER to your grandchildren.

We love you so much Papang, I hope you know that and would never forget that.

Your rebellious daughter,
Gagang (it's me!)

This is my entry for this week's of Pinay Mommies Community.

I am very glad PMC made this theme because I was able to express my gratitude to my father. I am not vocal in comes to my father, so it is hard for me to initiate it for him, but with this theme, I was able to say it (type it rather).



  1. your a sweet daughter!

    good luck on your travel pala to a new world!!

  2. Hi Jona...

    Got you tagged when you get the chance...

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    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


  3. i can relate to you in your letter in so many ways. as you said, you are not vocal in expressing your feelings--i feel the same way to my father.

    after this, for sure , your father will be very proud of you!your letter said it all.

    nice site.;0)