Jun 5, 2008

CAREGIVER Movie of Sharon Cuneta

Caregiver is the latest film produced by Star Cinema and directed by Chito Roño. It starred Sharon Cuneta. Presently shown in Philippine theaters and would be in some theaters worldwide.

Sara (Sharon Cuneta) is a public school English subject teacher in the Philippines but gave up her profession just to challenge her fate in London as a Caregiver. Her husband (John Estrada) was already in London working as (what-she-thought) nurse but she needs to leave her son in the Philippines first. The story revolves around their life in London which shows the reality about the Filipinos who worked their. Sara also found out that her husband is just a health care assistant (in other words Janitor -- they're doing the same job). Most Filipinos their worked less than what their true professions in Philippines are. Their friend (Jong Hilario) was a doctor in the Philippines but works as a nurse in London.

The touching part of the story is about Sara's life which she gives care and hope to those who needed it, not just a caregiver, but a friend and a companion. She inspired her patient, Mr. David Thomas Sr. who was a grumpy old man but just because of his life where his own children doesn't care for him especially his daughter who just wanted to have his money. But Sara brought out the best in Mr. Thomas, she made him smile and had the most of his remaining days on earth. She also inspired a kid(Makisig Morales) who lacks of attention from his Mother who married and had daughter with a British.

At the end of the story, she was able to bring her son in London but prior to that left her husband because her husband is always a failure and whenever he fails, he wants Sara to fail with him but it gave Sara a better life though.

This would be the last movie that me and my Mom watched together until a few from now and I'll be back in the Philippines again.



  1. Not really a Sharon fan, but more of a loving husband to my wife. She wanted to watch this one for the longest time and we finally scored a dvd copy from her sister. Of course she wanted me to watch the movie with her... Really did not paid attention to the acting and all but paid more attention to the storyline. Napansin ko lang, the old man that Sharon was taking care of, as we found out later in the movie is rich or maybe well off. After all, he owns a mansion in the countryside, complete with a few servants. If that is the case, why would he settle to live in a nursing home and cared for by strangers? He can well afford to live in his own house, complete with servants to take care of him. Who would want to live in a nursing home? It just doesn't make sense!!!

  2. Hi there! Thanks for leaving a comment.

    Yes, you are right about the old man being rich but it was not his choice to be put in a nursing home, it was his daughter who happens to be just after his fortune.

  3. Ano and THEME ng CAREGIVER?

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