Jun 16, 2008

Father's Day Celebration at Russel Park

First time having to celebrate Father's Day, first time for Andy to celebrate it with us, and first bonding time I had with Andy's family.

Yesterday, we went Russell Park with Andy's whole family including Kevin's (Andy's brother) family to celebrate Father's Day. It is so sweet of them to have this celebration with the whole entire family from the grandparents to grandchildren.

Before we went there, Andy and me needs to go to the Church service first and decided to have Yvonne(Andy'ss sister) bring Abi with her on the way to the park. Then we went to buy a card for Andy's dad (that's Andy's style -- buy it in the last minute). But we got a very nice card. It was not the usual card that has a very touching or serious message in it but the message there fits Dad.

After the service, we went back home to change our clothes and I surprised Andy with a card that I bought in the Philippines a week before we went here. He was not expecting it coz he keeps telling me that I don't need to get anything for him since just having Abi with him on this Father's Day is a enough gift for him. But I can't help it, he really deserves more than a card but I was afraid to bring anything from the Philippines coz it might cause a delay for me in Customs on our way here. But yes, I got him a card. Then Andy also have couple cards from his Mom and his sister. His sister also got him a paperweight which we can put picture of us and it is cute.
Our celebration in Russell Park was so great. I had so much fun with Andy's family and was able to bond with them more. It was not the first time that I met them coz we already had a dinner together on the day that we first arrived here but it was my first time to talk and joke around with them. Me, Abi, and Andy with Yvonne dipped into the lake for a while coz we were trying not to expose Abi so much to the sun coz it will be a problem if he'll have sunburn.

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