Jun 23, 2008

Received lots of BLESSINGS

These past few days had been very busy for me that's why I wasn't bale to put some new posts here but I got them on my list though so that I won't forget about once I'll have the time to do so. I am now a full time mother, stays home with my son and 3 cats. This is part of the adjustment that I have here coz I have been working before and my parents are the ones taking care of my son, so this is not that easy for me. But I am still grateful coz I am able to bond more with my son.

Anyway, also these past few days, I've been receiving lots of blessings from people whom I've known eversince I came here. They are people from the Church. They have been very kind and generous to give me welcome celebration and for letting me know that I've found true friends here. They are also Filipinos and everytime we see each other, they never fail to remind that if I needed some help, I can always contact them and they'd come. They are one of the reasons why I don't miss My Home so much coz they let me feel that I am still with family and friends.

But last Sunday, Sis Shirley gave me a rice cooker and a sack of rice. It was her spare rice cooker and remembered me when she saw it coz when she asked me what foods I am missing in the Philippines, I said rice coz I haven't eaten rice yet eversince I came here. She really surprised me and I am very happy to finally eat rice again. Then just yesterday, she gave me more Filipino foods that she cooked such as lumpia, bihon, chicken adobo, and biko. Also yesterday, Sis Tessie invited us at her home in Georgetown, TX coz she really wanted to have a get together with me and other members of the church for me to get to know them and bond with them. She cooked chicken curry and lumpia for us and even baked my favorite, Brazo de Mercedes. When we're about to go home, she gave me bagoong, patis, and salted fish sauce (ginamos). Haha, lots of blessings and I was very happy about it.


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