Jun 23, 2008

Bonding with my NEW family

Last Saturday, me together with Linda (Andy's Mom) and Yvonne (Andy's sister), of course with Abi (my son) too went to check out some Bridal dresses for me. Our first stop was David's Bridal in Gateway Market, Austin, TX. It took us around 3 hours to shop for my bridal gown and accessories because there are lots to choose from but still I was able to purchase them there on that exact date. Though my gown I didn't have the gown physically coz it still needs to be altered but we're happy, especially me, to finally had done some major things that we need to do for the wedding.

Anyway, such a very funny and frustrating thing happened. We are ready to leave to take our lunch but we were stuck in Gateway coz we can't figure out to get the baby's stroller down. The three of us had already push, pull, click and everything to do on the stroller but no luck until Linda decided to call Robert (Andy's Dad) for help with that stroller. He came and tried to figure out but was unsuccessful with it so the stroller ended up at the back of Robert's truck and sent home.hehe

We then went to take our lunch at Chick-Fil-A restaurant. When we were about to finish our lunch, a heavy rain poured down so we're stuck again but at least we are able to sit down and plan for the wedding. We made a list about the things that we need to get and do which should be the very first thing that we did. hehe. Anyway, a guy with an ice cream pass us and we all had the same reaction .. "yummy....". Linda bought each of us an ice cream except Abi coz I just wanted to share mine with him but that was a bad decision coz he doesn't want to share it with me, so I only had a few licks when i get the chance. But that was fine for me though.

It was such a great day for me coz I was able to bond with Andy's Mom and sister whihc would be my new family here now.


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