Jun 6, 2008

Team Irish, my Link2Support Family

Earlier I went to my previous workplace, Link2Support, Inc. to get my last paycheck from them. I was so happy to see my Team Irish team mates again. Team Irish was the team where I stayed the longest, more than half of my stay in Link2Support was with them so I had became close to my team mates there. Though I was expecting that I would see them because I know what time they go out from work, but I was still surprise to see them all again after almost two months. Nothing has changed with them though except that Chatty is slimmer now and Jane is bigger now (lol!), but I really miss them so much.

Anyway, I was looking at my pictures again and I was happy to see lots of pictures of me with the team. We all love one thing -- picture taking. hehehe. Here are some of our pictures together.


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