Apr 30, 2008

My Step-by-Step St. Luke's Medical Exam

Since I applied for K1 Visa and K2 Visa for my son, we undergo a medical examination at SLMCEC. And here is how we went through the said medical examination last April 23, 2008, hoping that this would help anyone who would go through this process.

◘Passport and one photocopy of it.
◘One 2x2 Picture in plain white background and another two 2x2 Picture upon releasing the result.
◘Appointment Letter and one photocopy per applicant.

PROCESS (this is based on my own experience)

DAY 1 → April 23, 2008

I arrived at SLMCEC at 6:00 AM and there are lots of people who are already there.

Step 1: Gave the required documents to the guard before getting inside the clinic. He'll check it and give you the forms that you need to fill up and your priority number.
Step 2: Filled up the form (PDS).
Step 3: My number was called by another guard and proceeded to have a picture taking on a room just in the ground floor. Each applicant should be taken a picture.
Step 4: Fall in line on the reception area. The receptionist checked my forms and required documents and asked me some questions (i.e. if that was my first time having a medical exam at St. Luke's, when was the last I had an X-ray, how many are we whose taking the medical exam, do I have some relatives who already went medical at st. luke's and so on).
Step 5: Went to 5th floor to pay at the Cashier. The payment should be in pesos. Click here for the cost of the medical examination now.
Step 6: Submit papers to the USA counter(5th floor) for physical exam. Checked height and weight, eye test, blood pressure, and physical exam (one on one with a doctor and needs to undress).
Step 7: Submit papers at the reception area(4th floor) for blood test and urine test and fill up a waiver for HIV blood test. Name called and went to the room at the back (same floor) for blood test. Then went to CR and get vial from the nurse sitting in the entrance of the CR. Urinate and submit the vial with my urine to same nurse. Name called and get your papers.
Step 8: Submit papers to the counter for X-ray (3rd floor). Name called and went to X-ray room. Take off upper clothes (including bra) and wear their robe (one use only). Took X-ray and bring papers to the 2nd floor after dressing up.
Step 9: Submit papers to the vaccination area table for vaccine interview (2nd floor). Name called and fall in line. If you have previous vaccination, make sure that you bring your records and it should be signed your doctor with his/her license number, it doesn't need to be notarized. The doctor asked me if I want to have my shots at St. Luke's or have it once I'm in the US because it is NOT required for K1 and K2 applicants but it is required for adjustment of status.
Step 10: Go back to 3rd floor and submit all your papers at the Check-out counter. They'll tell you to go back the following day for your vaccination and releasing of result. Make sure that they'll give you your receipt.

I was able to finish it at 11:00 o'clock in the morning.

DAY 2 → April 24, 2008 (9:30 AM)

Step 11: Show my receipt to the guard at the ground floor and they checked it on their computer. They stamped it "IMMUNIZATION (2ND FLOOR)". Went to 2nd floor and put my receipt on the box in front where it says says "PUT YOUR RECEIPT HERE" then waited my name to be called.
Step 12: After a few hours of waiting and probably doze off a bit(lol) my name was called and proceeded to the Immunization Room. Show passport to the nurse. Got my 3 shots and it hurts.
Step 13: Go down to ground floor for the releasing of results. Name called at Counter A. I gave my passport and two 2x2 photo with white background (if possible, similar to the one you attached in your PDS) with my full name at the back of each photo.
Step 14: Waited and name called at Counter E. They asked me some questions, I believe, for verifications because they would based on all the papers that you submitted to them. They gave me my X-ray film and vaccination sheet. They'll be the one who'll be forwarding the results , together with your passport, in 2-3 working days to the US Embassy.

For my son (K2 Visa)
We went together from Step 1 to 6. But during his physical exam (one on one with the doctor), the doctor was worried about the white spots that appeared on both of my son's arms, so she referred us to the dermatologist. Then we went to the 2nd floor for his vaccination interview. Unfortunately, they were not satisfied by his vaccination records because it was not signed by his pediatrician eventhough we have a certificate from his pediatrician and notarized by an attorney. So they suggested that my son should undergo vaccination which is appropriate to his age.

Went to Counter G and gave us the paper that we should be giving to the dermatologist who would check my son who is located at the St. Luke's main.

We then went to the dermatologist and have my son's skin checked. Glad to know that it's nothing serious and gave us cream that would cure those white spots on my son's skin. The doctor said that the result should be submitted to the SLMCEC within 2-3 working days. The result got in SLMCEC in the afternoon of the 28th.

We went to the SLMCEC first thing in the morning at the 29th. The guard stamped "MEDICAL RESULT IN PROGRESS (COUNTER A)", so we proceeded to Counter A and drop the receipt on the box intended for them. My son's name called at Counter G and told us that his papers would be assessed by their resident doctor but we can proceed to 2nd floor for the vaccination.

At the 2nd floor, after 3 hours of waiting, my son's name finally called and was interviewed by a doctor regarding his vaccination again and got the same result. Then after another 2 hours, my son's name was called again and we proceeded to the immunization room and my son got 5 shots at one time (just imagine the pain).

Went to ground floor for the releasing of result. My son's name was called at Counter A and I submitted his passport and two photos. After almost 3 hours which would be exactly 5 o'clock in the afternoon, my son's name was called at Counter B and had a little interview and son had his thumbmark on his PDS. Got his vaccination sheet.

DONE at April 29, 2008 (5:15 PM)

For questions and clarifications, please feel free to leave me a message and I will answer them with the best of my knowledge.


  1. This is really very informative. I have more questions though. Is it a female doctor who will be conducting the physical? What are included in the physical, breast exam and internal exam as well?

  2. hi...

    just want to ask if after the interview, how long will they give u the result of ur interview or how long will u have u visa..tanx


  3. Hi Jona...
    How are u doing? I just want to ask if the consul will ask for the original copy of my document? And if so, are they going to return it to us and get only the photocopy? How many photocopy of each document you produced? How many visa photos needed to complete the whole process from medical to interview? Thank you so much and have a great day......


  4. Hi Luz,

    There's really no definite time when you'll gonna get your visa. Some got theirs the following and some waited for months. In my case, I received the visa 3 weeks after my interview.

    Good luck!

  5. Hello Cris,

    I'm doing good. Thanks.

    Yes, the consul may ask for the original documents and usually, they'll gonna return it to you right after the interview but if they don't, they'll gonna send it to you with your visa just like what happened to mine. They even sent the original documents and pictures that my husband sent with the petition.

    Good luck!

  6. And Cris, regarding the photos. You needed 3 photos for the medical exam. I don't remember how many photos needed for the Interview but I brought about 6 to be sure. Anyway, if you'll extra, you can use it for the CFO.

  7. hello jona I have something to ask you about the doc. verification do i need to pay even I did not receive yet the appointment letter. please I want to heard it soon thanks you.

  8. Hello, Jona, do you have YM? can i talk to you there if you are available give some advice please.

  9. hi there, i just want to ask all of you bec.i am now confuse. i havent received appontment letter, should i call the st.luke for medical exam or first the embassy for scheduling interview so i can receieved appointement letter?

  10. what if they test thatu have a hepa b.is it still possible to approve fiance visa?

  11. pls someone answer my question..pls...

  12. My best guess would be you will gonna undergo a treatment to eliminate your Hepa B, then you'll gonna apply for Visa again after that. As far as I know, Hepa B is a communicable disease so I don't think you'll gonna pass the medical exam if you're positive with Hepa B.

  13. Hi, I'm glad to have found this blog, I just want to ask, if I needed vaccinations, will there be additional fees? Thanks.

    - Donna

  14. Thank you very much...It helps me a lot.

  15. Hi:) I was wondering if you would know what/where/who to give the sealed cd from SLMEC? Upon arriving at my POE,the immig. Officer just took my yellow packet,ripped of the attached cd and gave it back to me!I'm baffled..isn't it for their keeps or am I supposed to give it to someone else?!?

  16. hi Jonna, tnx! i found this site again..i just want to ask about the K2 visa like what your son had,his father was my fiance.American citizen..my question is does my son need a passport also,because i am going to apply for K1 and K2 for my son does he need passport...we are in the process of verifying our documents..please answer my queston!..thanks God bLess!

  17. For the one that have question that you have hepa b.for xure you can come here,i have my friend over here and she have hepa b and she came here through k-1 visa.hepa b is not contigious unlike tb.so don't worry.hopefully you can come in here and they have a good treatment for that in here/goodluck and don't worry.

  18. Hello Jona,

    I have the same question as DOnna. Do we have to pay extra for the vaccines or was it included in the $215.++ paid for the medical exam?

  19. hi im jane,

    i just wanna ask if i need appointment letter since i got my appointment number??or i just show the number to the guard then the guard will let me in?
    about the interview what pictures do i need to bring ? visa or just a white background photos.

    thank you so much..GODBLESS

  20. hi jo... I just wanna ask about this thing.. I have skin tag near my anus because grrrrrrr this is caused of my ulcer... Do you think they will strict on that? but I know it isnt big deal since Im not applying for a working visa and i am applying spousal visa which is cr1.. I just lil worry about this...I hope someone will help me on this to stop worrying..:( thanks

  21. Hi Jona, thank you so much for this blog of yours. Me and my sons are heading to Manila next week, just had their passport done and for pick up on june 9 while 10 is the interview sched set for the 3 of us. As per follow-to-join visa, may I just present the passport during the interview and not yet on the medical? I do have my passport though.

    Hope to hear from you soon. I need your help.
    Thank you so much and God bless you and your family. :)

    call me gee.

  22. I'd like to ask how much does it cost to have a dermatological checkup at St. Lukes?

  23. hi! just want to ask if you have Hepatitis B & you are no longer infectious like your (+) for anti HBe, will st. luke fit you for your K1 visa?thanks.

  24. hi.just want to ask how is the medical for children?? got a 6 yearold and 1 yearold with me along with my husband for our medical, we are already ni the process of our petition. Kindly give feedback. thanks

  25. hi wat vaccine did they inject to you??? do i need to pay for that vaccine pa or ksama na cia dun sa payment for medical exam???

  26. hi there, i am applying for I-R1 visa.... after medical do i have to pay at BDO or BPI before the interview?

  27. hi there..i will just ask what physical examination was done in saint lukes?ty this is mae