Apr 19, 2008

New Hair

This past few days, I was so busy preparing like crazy for my Visa interview. As I have mentioned on my post "Getting Nearer" about my Interview Date which is on April 29. But good thing that I am almost done with everything that I need to do, well, I have to be almost done since I'll be flying to Manila this tuesday for the medical exam. And since I am almost with it, I finally got the chance to pamper myself by going to a salon yesterday and had my hair done. . I got it relaxed and hair cellophane. And with the hair cellophane, they can color your hair and they applied "magenta" color on my hair for a new look. . It is like a reddish-brown but it would be obvious once the light reflects on my hair. I like the outcome of it and I hope that it would stay long.

By the way, I went to Carlo Reyes Hair Salon and it was my first time having my hair done in that salon. I like the customer service there. Three people attended me, a gay who cut my hair, a girl who did the hair relaxing, and another gay who did the hair cellophane. The first gay was so friendly and made sure that I am entertained by watching a good show at the TV or reading a nice magazine.

I believe that going to a salon and have a hair done is one way for the girls to treat ourselves because I think that our hair is our Crowning Glory. It would not hurt us going to the salon once in a while after days of stress, right?

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