Apr 3, 2008

My Photoshop

I am not a computer savvy but I know a little about computer, and not to brag about it, but I believe I am better than 55% of the world's population in comes to computer literacy. *grin*. I know lots of us knows how to Photoshop. But I just learned about it and I am so proud of my creations. I have decided to post them here because I was inspired by the one of the Readers review that I am posting good pictures on my site, so why not post my own pictures and creations, right? Besides, I love photography.

Anyway, here are my Photoshop creations:

My First Creation
This is the very first image that I made in Photoshop. I just played around with Pixelate feature under the Filter tab. I also use "curves" tool to lighten the appearance of the picture and give it more appeal. The "crop" tool was being used too to select the only significant part of the image being edited.

Different Colors

This is my second creation and I named this "Different Colors" because these are the different colors of my personality.

This is composed of 4 pictures(obviously). The tools that I have used in this picture are "crop", "image resize", "gradient map" under the Image tab and Adjustment option, and "curves".

The Background

This ain't my 3rd creation but I'd prefer to shared this one because this is the background that I always wanted to have on my Friendster Profile, at last I have achieved it and of course, this is what my Profile's background on my Friendster now.

In this image, I used the "pen" tool which is the hardest tool that I've ever used so far in photoshop. I also used the "gradient map", "crop", and "curves".

Loved Ones

This is the latest one I've made and was planning to used it on my other blog account, but haven't established the site yet, maybe sooner. I named it Loved Ones because these the people which made up my life. My son, my soon-to-be-husband, my parents, my bestfriend, my high school and college friends, and my team mates. I used the same tools I've used on my abovementioned creations.

These are only some of my Photoshop creations and the best that I can do. For now, I am still exploring the other tools, features, and tricks that I can do on Photoshop.

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