Apr 17, 2008

Movie Review: 27 Dresses

I just watched this movie and it is one of the nicest movie about woman. It is about a lady who realized since she was 6-years old that she is meant to make wedding perfect, except her own wedding.

Jane Nichols (Katherine Heigl) is known for being a perfect person to help out with all the wedding preparations. She had always been the best bridesmaid anyone can ever have. One wedding that she attended, she bump into Kevin Doyle (James Marsden) when she pass out from trying to catch a bouquet. It turns out that Kevin is the person who writes the Commitments page for the New York City Journal, under the pseudonym of Malcolm Doyle, who happens to be Jane's favorite writer. Kevin help and bring her home and accidentally, Jane left her planner in the cab. When Kevin saw it, he find Jane's life interesting and suitable for his article and believes that it would bring him to a promotion.

Since then, Kevin started chasing Jane by sending her flowers and ended up returning the planner but he put there a date with him every Saturday for the whole year. Jane never cared for Kevin because she was madly in love with her boss, George (Edward Burns), but doesn't really have the guts to say that to him until Jane's younger sister, Tess (Malin Akerman) met George on one of the parties that they attended and ended up in a relationship and finally almost married which broke Jane's heart. But Tess had been lying almost everything about her because she doesn't want to turn George off by knowing the truth about her. Jane became more hurt when the couple decided to get married and Tess wants the wedding that Jane exactly wants to have.

Meanwhile, Kevin pursue his plan in writing an article about Jane always being a bridesmaid and never a bride. He got the chance to take a picture of Jane wearing all of the 27 bridesmaid dresses to make his article realistic. But sooner Kevin realized that he's falling in love with Jane but when he realized that Jane is in love with George.

Kevin and Jane got the chance to be alone when Kevin insists he take George's place linen shopping, so that the groom-to-be can make a family dinner on time. Kevin then confronted Jane about her feelings for George but Jane denies it and sped up causing the car to hydroplane, and become stuck in the mud at the side of the road. While they hike to find a phone, they ended up in a bar and drink and talk and they found out that they have something in common, they both like to look at the groom when the bride makes her grand entrance, so that they can see the expression on his face. They both got drunk and dance on the counter singing Bennie and the Jets. Then Kevin admits that he cried on one wedding and they kissed and ended up having sex inside Jane's car. But Jane found out the article that Kevin made when they had their breakfast which made Jane very angry at Kevin. Tess became angry too because they referred her as "bridezilla". But Jane became angry with Tess when she saw that Tess revised their Mom's wedding gown and cuts off the lace to make it a modern one. Then Jane threat Tess that if Tess wouldn't tell George the whole truth about her, Jane will. Jane really did it during Tess and George's Engagement party which broke their engagement. But Jane and Tess forgave each other though.

Kevin came to see Jane and tells her how proud he is. He gives her a Palm Centro to keep track of her wedding stuff for all the trouble he caused her, and tells her he'll disappear from her life now.

One time George ask Jane a favor and as usual she does it, then George said that she loves Jane because she never says no which snapped Jane and quits her job. She also told George about her feelings for him and they kissed only to find out that there is no Chemistr between them. Then Jane realized that it was Kevin that she loved Kevin.

At the end of the story, George and Tess started all over again. And (this is my favorite part) Jane is in her 28th dress which finally her wedding dress and has her moment where he (the groom) looked at her the way she always wanted to be looked at as she walks down the aisle. She also makes the 27 brides she was bridesmaid for wear the dresses she had to wear for each of their weddings.

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