Apr 17, 2008

Farewell Party For Me

Tomorrow would be my last day at work in Concentrix (formerly Link2Support, Inc.). I have mixed feelings about it: sad but happy. I am sad because I'll be leaving some friends behind. Friends who've somehow made my stay there worthwhile. They are the one who gave happiness in my life in Concentrix. Yes, parting can never be easy. But at the same time I am happy. I am happy because I know I'll have a better life than what I had in Concentrix and I'll be starting a brand new life with Andy.

I know I'll be leaving Concentrix, one way or the other, and this is the right time and the very right reason to do that and I am glad I finally had this time.

My friends in Concentrix who'd been good, understanding, and supportive is the only thing that I would missed so much. I never wanted to have a "farewell party" with them because I know it would be sad for me, but they insisted it.

Yesterday, without any advance plan at all (in fact, it was planned just yesterday morning), we went to the beach to have a farewell party for me. The whole team didn't join though but it was great. We drink til we(honestly, it was just me.. :-D) drop. Dance like no one's watching (they said that I danced out of beat because I was so drunk and couldn't control myself anymore). Laugh like there's no tomorrow(it should be no work tomorrow.lol!). And being sentimental for a few seconds(we can't stand that second). I was touched by what Christopher said that they'd miss me because it would never be the same if I am not around. Well, just so you know, I am always the loudest in the group (I believe in the whole Chat group since Angel resigned.hehe). In fact, I was the reason why they transferred the whole Chat Support's station (it was used to be at the front of our Director's office), because our Director can't take my built-in speaker mouth. But, I know that is what they'll going to miss about me, how loud I am.

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