Apr 13, 2008

What Kind of Sexy Girl Are You?

Got a new tag from Jean. This helped me brighten up my day after a few days of stress and frustrations. And it also made me remember the Jona 3 years ago. Anyway, here's mine.

You Are Boyish Sexy

You're the kind of girl who gets along with all the boys

Whether it's holding your own in a game of touch football...

Or kicking some major butt while playing Xbox.

You hang with the guys easily, while still keeping your girly sexiness.

Now, I am sharing this to my blog friends: Tonet, Tracia, and Anna.

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  1. Hi Jona,

    "What Kind of Sexy Girl Are You?" Me? well, that kind of sexy girl that reeks of sweat. Sexy enough?

    Actually not here to tell the world what kind of "girl" I am, but to let you know I have responded to your comment at Expandable post summary for New Blogge.

    Peter (the only Malaysian Blog*Star
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