Apr 8, 2008

Fragments of Truth

This is a book authored by Michael Angelo Ebro Dakudao which is about the painted essays of Bong Perez whose real name is Teody Boyle Perez, a 37 year old artist who was born and grew up in Davao City. Son of a proud couple, Pablo and Rosita Perez, husband of Margie Mollaneda-Perez, and father of Megumi Ivana and Yohhane Samuel and I am proud to say he's my first cousin, his father is my Mom's brother.

Bong discovered his talents during his early age and since he loves it so much, he did everything to pursue it. He graduated Elementary in San Roque Central Elementary School and High School in University of Southeastern Philippines (USEP) being an outstanding art representative of the institution in poster making and on-the-spot painting contests. He was a consistent winner then garnering seven first prize awards from both local and regional art competitions in Mindanao for his Alma Matter. He was even awarded as "Draftsman of the Year" in USEP in 1987.he then took up Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree at the University of Mindanao but since he was able to passed the exam for scholarship in Fine Arts in Ford Academy of the Arts, he practically transferred and graduated from that school with a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting.

He then worked as an Art Instructor at the Asian Technical Foundation and at the Ford Academy of the Arts. The continued teaching for seven years at the Philippine Science High School of Mindanao.

Fortunately, he got a Japanese Government scholarship (MONBUSO) and left for Japan in 1998. He then earned his Masters degree in Art Education at the Saga University's Graduate School. He still continued his studies at the Kyushu Sangyo University's Doctoral Program of Fine Arts in Plastic Expression. He got lots of awards for his paintings while he stayed in Japan and even had some of his paintings chosen to become a cover of a book.
He went back to the Philippines in 2005, finally completed his full program in Plastic Expression in Fine Arts and earned his doctorate degree. Since then, he had stayed in the Philippines with a teaching career in some famous colleges and universities in the Davao City while having his Art Exhibits at least once a year.

He never fails to thank God for the talents that He had given him and continues to be humble despite of his great accomplishment in life.

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