Apr 5, 2008

Sharing You Our Love

Finding true love can never easy. What's so hard about it is knowing if it's true. Me myself had been to too many "i-knew-it-was-true-love" but in the end, it never was. Good thing my heart never got tired otherwise I would not find Mr. Andrew Wayne Kuhn. Of course, you don't know who he is, but one thing I can say about him is he is a one hell of a True Love. Now, you might ask "Are you sure he is your true love?", two word would answer that, "why not?!".

I don't want to be too mushy here and tell you eveything about our love story but if you're curious, we'd let you know. We met, I think in a trendy way, through the net. I knew it was magic because I was not talking to one or two guys but few of them, I can't even count, but Andy was the only one who touched my heart and let me feel what love is despite the distance. He is an honest man, yet too good to be true, but anyhow, I love everything about him, even his sarcasm and all. And this is something I can't be tired of, to let the whole world know our love. Love in Distance is our website, you can visit this anytime if you want to be inspired and to those who had been dreaming of finding their true love, you might like what you'll see here. We want to touch hearts like how we touch each other's heart because it is always my dream to have everyone be happy with someone who loves them and they would in return, unconditionally.

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