Apr 18, 2008

Bye Link2Support/Concentrix

Today is my last day at work. The feeling is odd because eventhough I am always complaining about our job but I like being a call center agent. But what hurts the most is leaving people who have been a part of my life.

Usually, whenever someone would leave Link2, they would make a farewell e-mail and send it to whole group. But since we are not allowed to access our e-mails at work, I would just say my farewell message here,for the whole world to know.

I just want to thank the following people....

►To Sir Alex (HR recruitment during that time) who called me and told me that "there is a job opportunity for me" at our home in Davao. I know you don't have any idea that it may cause me trouble but glad I was able to escape from it. (hehe)

►To Sir Marc (HR recruitment during that time) whom I had my initial interview with and he was also one of the panel during my final interview. Also to Ms. Joyce (Training Department Manager) and to a guy from the Operations department whom I forgot the name, for being the panel interviewers on my final interview. Until now I can't believe that you accepted me with my answers. (hehe)

►To Sir Bullet (Communication Skill trainer), Sir Mark and Ms. Arlyn( ith are Technical trainer), and to Sir Greg and Ms. Jules for being my inspiration by being so stunning and feeding my eyes (lol) who also from 1the training department.

►To the Maintenance, Drivers(shuttle service) and Security department. As well as to the Admin department for the accommodations. Of course, to the Accounting department who are always known for our salary discrepancies.

►To my Teams:
•DPP 50 - TC Jeanne, Janneth, Migx, Cliff, Jesseca, Ched, Lorie, Luie
•Ravens - TC Ruth S., Jesseca and Ched again, Bex, and I'm sorry I can't remember everyone's name coz I only stayed on that team for a couple of weeks.
•Chiefs - TC Chief Laurence, Maui, Ryan, Jacque, Doreen, Arnies, and Lea.
•Broncos - TC Jelo, Lorie again, MG, Angie, and Herbi (our Esca cares).
•Seahawks (the Buros Team) - TC Lorraine, Jasen, Rowena, Ferlyn, Ira, Cenri, and Bobi.
•Golden Knights - TC Mommy Ann, Angel, William, Michelle, Paula, and Victoria.
•Irish - TC Janice, Chatty, Jane, Tope, Jackie, Glory, Jun, Ma-eve, and Rey

►My Operation's Manager
Ms. Louie, Sir Rex, Sir Denver, Sir Karl, Sir Dennis, and Sir Aris.

►And to those that was not my team mates but became my friends which as follows:
The Saints team of Midshift-Voice
The Waves team of Chat Group Support
Former Irish members: Benhur and Randy
The Pantry vendors: Sharon, Mommy Florence, Berna, and Mommy Dorothy
My favorite TC's (eventhough they were not my TC's): Sir Diggy and Ms. Sally

I know there are more people that I really forgot to mention. Please bear with me coz I have a memory gap problem but you know who you are and I want to thank you for being my friend in Link2Support, Inc. Good luck to everyone.

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