Apr 14, 2008

Last OFF at Link2Support

I have been in Link2Support for 2 years already and I once love the job until I realized that I am not learning from what I am doing anymore because we kept doing the same thing: answer call/receive client, troubleshoot device, end session, get CSAT/DSAT, and so on and so forth.

But I honestly can't believe that I'll be leaving the job that I always wanted to have now. Well, not at this very moment, but in 4 days from now. And today is my LAST day-off in Link2Support.

I went to the office earlier, but not to reminisce or something, it is for some important reason. But everytime I am in the office's lobby, I can still remember myself when I was waiting for the exam, the final interview and receive the letter that I was accepted and would be starting the training. I can always remember how I seated in the couch for a few hours without talking to anyone because I feel intimated by the other applicants and some people who is already working there. It seems that they're already too good being an agent and I was just trying my luck to be one of them. It was MY DREAM, but when I reached it I realized that not all dreams are nice, some really are bad and working in Link2Support was one of my bad dreams. But still I was thankful for having a chance working there because they're the one who taught me so much about computers and networking devices because that's their product and the service all about. The sad thing about it is I came to the point where I was so used to what I am doing there and felt that I am so bored of doing the same thing everyday and the only way to escape from that is to quit the job.

But that was not the reason why I am leaving Link2. My reason is way more acceptable than that.

To end this up, yes I am leaving Link2 sooner and I am happy for that but a little sad because I'll be leaving some friends behind. I will miss them somehow though I know that no one had been that true and vice versa. But this is not yet about good-byes, this is just a part of it. Wait for the final good-bye. (smile)

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