Apr 5, 2008


I have been a mother for a 1 year and a half already because that's the age of my son right now. I can testify that it was never easy to take care of an innocent angel. But just in case that some Moms have the chance to glance on this article, I have something to share with you about what I have learned being a Mommy.

♥Being pregnant.
I love the feeling of being pregnant, the thing that seems to be a magic growing inside your tummy is amazing. Just looking at your flat belly until it becomes a big ball that you can't even see your feet. Yes, it is really magical.

♥Hearing the small voice of an angel for the first time.
That is one of the things that I would most cherish in my whole life. Each time I think about that, it would take away all the thoughts of being hard being a mother.

♥Watching a growing child.
I believe that this is the hardest things being a mother because it is very tricky. But it really helps to read some articles on the Web which are made by the experts. What's so hard about this is that it would really come to a point that your child's act would reach your temper and fighting it because you would never want to hurt your kid by punishing him.

Well, this is all I can share for now and would continue sharing with you anything I would learn. Good luck to all the Mommies, soon-to-be Mommies,and plans to be a Mommy. ☺

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