Apr 8, 2008

Copy and Paste

This has been the talk of the floor earlier. It is about a lady who, maybe didn't realized it, but she just utter an insulting words for us, the Chat Group Support at Link2Support. She said this exact phrase: "you are not paid just to copy and paste", that's why I titled this post like that.

In chat support, we admit that most of our responses to our clients are canned because we chat with 3 clients at the same time and we are not just doing customer service but we are troubleshooting routers, modems, adapters (Ethernet, USB, wired and wireless), sometimes beyond the scope of our support like computer-related concerns, and anything that involves in networking as long as we have a background knowledge about that. But NOT ALL of our responses are copied and pasted, just most of it. Anyway, clients concerns all are the same, problems with the devices that we support, so there shouldn't be any reason why we wouldn't copying and pasting.

Let me name this girl, as a form of my sweet revenge for her. At least, her name would be published to the whole world. She is SHEILA MAE SALOSOD. She is a second level technician for Phone Support. The problem about the people in Phone Support is that they think that they are better than those in Chat Support. I, myself, is from the Phone Support but had myself transferred to Chat Group because of my ear problems. So, I can really compare the jobs between the two Support. Now, you'll be the judge. Who is better, one person serving one customer at a time or one person serving THREE customers at a time? It's not that hard to make a decision,right?

Well, I am not saying that we are better than them because we're all trained for the same devices, we are on the same level, and we have the same salary. Maybe she has greater incentive than me because she's hardworking and I am not(lol). But still, she has no rights to judge the people who are from Chat Group because we are just as effective than her or anyone who belongs in Voice Group Support who critizes the Chat Group, or should I say, MORE THAN EFFECTIVE.


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