Apr 1, 2008

New in Davao

I left Davao City last February 14, 2006 and stayed in Cagayan de Oro City for some reason. But I still prefer to stay in my Homeland than anywhere else because I have my friends and relatives living there. I still visit Davao 3-4 times a year but only for a few days and those days that I am in Davao, I mostly spend it with some of my friends and close relatives and I always love it. But, just this recent visit that I have, I realized that there are some changes in Davao since I left.

First thing that I've heard is about the People's Park which stands on the four-hectare vacant property that used to be a sports center of Davao City, called the PTA grounds. The park cost PHP72 million and was officially opened last December 15, 2007. It has lots of trees, playground, man-made pool/lagoon and the sculptures made by a Mindanaon artist Kublai Millan.


  1. I always come here.I will be missing Davao soon.We love living here really!
    By the way,i added you already in my blog under my Blooming Blogs' list. You can check it out. Keep in touch,my friend!

  2. Lovely,lovely pictures!Very good additional to what Davao could offer to the tourists.

  3. oh yes,it is wonderful and the good thing about that park is that it's free! so anyone can enjoy the scenery. i'd juts hope that it stays that way for a long time.