Apr 4, 2008

Gum Boy

Well, this is not something that makes my life beautiful which makes my blog but it is something that I believe everyone should be aware of. This isn't that serious but for me, it's interesting.

This is about someone at work who is good-looking, attractive, fresh-looking, neat, whatever positive you can see in his physical appearance, he is really that, in short, he is nonetheless handsome guy who every girl would want to date with. But this is not about that, it is about some disgusting thing that he's doing, "eating bubble gum and putting it under the desk, and the worst is on files of my Team Captain". I told you, it's not that serious...

But the reason why I am telling this is because it is in reality that you can never judge the person by how he looks. What he's doing is disgusting, right? For me, it is even disrespectful. Once you saw his face you can never think about that he does that but he did and still doing it. I just feel bad for those who admired him so much but only knew him by how he look and how he makes girl's heart melt by his sweet smile.

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