Apr 2, 2008

Getting nearer

Seems like all the things are moving in the right direction and we thank God for this, always.

At last, I have an appointment date for my K1 and my son's K2 visa interview which would be on April 29, 2008. To set an appointment, you need to call the US embassy's Customer Service department. Click here to view the Interview Preparation Instructions, this is the same as the K packets that used to be sent to the beneficiary or the K1/K2 applicant. Or you may click here for more information about any updates for the K1/K2 application or other visas related to that.

In my case, I didn't receive any letter from the US Embassy. I called them about 2 weeks ago to verify if they had received the packets from NVC and to ask about some informations that confused me regarding the documents required and the processing. Then they told me that I can call by March 19 for me to set an appointment date with them. By the way, if you have checked on the link, the new process was effective on March 19, 2008. The first lady told me that I need to have the passport number(s) for each Visa applicants, since it was me(K1) and my son(K2) who'll be applying. But I still need to get my son's passport on March 31, that's why I ended up calling them today. This time, the 2nd lady only asked for my full name and my son's, our case number(which would be indicated on the NVC's letter), address, phone number, and type of visa applying for. Then they would give you the dates available and you just need to select and confirm it. They also advised me to have our Medical Exam taken a week before the Interview.

So, that was it! I got my appointment date and is more than ready for the interview. We are so excited. My honey can't even go to sleep because we decided that he'll join me on the interview which means that we'll be seeing each other soon, and of course would be married soon. Yehey!


  1. Goodluck to your interview my friend!My husband was with me also during my interview in the Canadian Embassy.It does help a lot if your partner is present.Wishing you all the happiness!I can feel your excitement....isn't that a great feeling?enjoy it to the max!

  2. oh yes Prily, im so excited and it's a wonderful feeling anticipating the moment of being in each other's arms again. i will enjoy it, for sure. keep in touch.