Apr 21, 2008

Will Be Away for a Couple of Weeks

I hate to not always update my blog but I need to be in Manila for a couple of weeks and my computer is a desktop, so obviously I can't bring it anywhere. I will try to visit an Internet cafe if it's possible and update this site. If you have read my previous posts, you'd know the reason. And for those who knew the reason please wish me luck and pray for me. I really your prayers for me now.

See you when I see you! I will miss everyone here for a while.

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  1. Oh. ^^; Don't forget to drop by Eastwood especially at night. It's a cool place to chill out.

    Yeah, if you find my blog entries at 1) Everything Kimchi worthy of a technorati fav, or a blogcatalog linkex, please don't hesitate to do so. I shall return the e-love. Cheers!