Apr 12, 2008

It Had Been A Sad Days

I'm sorry for not updating my site for a few days. It was because of lots of things that happened these past few days. First is my son was sick, he had a high fever, and needs to be admitted to the hospital. Then we found out he has a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) bronchitis, and tonsillitis. I was so worried about him because it was the first time that he never wanted to be separated from me even a single from me and it was so hard because I need to carry him in my arms the whole time. We only had a few minutes sleep until he got well. Yes, good think he's better now. Not fully well, but at least we're home now from the hospital.

I really hate staying in the hospital and hate it even more when either me or my son is the patient because we need to stay there all the time, eat and sleep there which is very not comfortable.

Now, I am blog but I am still tired. So, I guess I need to get a good rest before I started posting a few things here. Anyway, my brain is not yet functioning well. I'm all drained now and can't think good.

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