Oct 28, 2008

Fisher's Bait: Bass Challenge

This is a game on PlayStation that I thought I like. Well, at least I like it for a little while but realized that it's not letting me win so I gave up. Me and my husband are playing video game together and compete with each other. He always ended up winning most of the game that we played.

Anyway, the Fisher's Bait: Bass Challenge is a game where you need to catch fishes and you win if you catch the 3 biggest Largemouth Bass fish.

At first, I don't like it coz I don't know what to do and everything. But it seems challenging and continue on until I got a bit idea about how to do it. It just frustrates me (and sometime my husband too) if we catch big fishes and when it gets close to you, like 3 yards, the line breaks or you lost the fish. Last night, I beat my husband and got a massage reward. But today, I got really frustrated, I just didn't finish the game.

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